About Us

Corduff Community Resource Centre was constructed over the period 1986/1987 and opened its doors for use in 1988. the Centre has always had a policy of an ‘Open Door’ with reasonalbe and negotiable rates so all groups and members of the community can avail of its services & facilities.

The aim of the Resource Centre has always been to be a resource to a community whose needs are many and varied. This had been done over the years with limited resources.

A broad range of local groups and activities make use of the facilities available in the Centre and many of these groups using the Centre provide a very essential and worthwhile service to the community. These include: Youth groups, Adult education, Creative Arts programmes, Active retired activities, Community development initiative, New communities groups, Support groups for those affected by addiction, Health groups and Dublin 15 Suicide Awareness group counsellors.

Through education / youth work / services & facilities which the Centre provide we feel this has had a positive contribution to our community. The Centre will continue to provide educational programmes – which address the social issues facing the community of Corduff. The Summer Project which is a once off event in the year is co-sponsored by Fingal County Council and Dublin VEC.

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